Something in my Pocket

There's just something about rhythm and a catchy tune that leads to retention for little ones. My predecessor introduced us to this song and I recreated it for my classrooms. 

We're currently using it to practice vocabulary (related to our unit theme and book; "Winter" and "The Mitten," respectively) pre-literacy skills, and syllable segmentation as a large group. However, I can put anything in the pocket to target a variety of skills: articulation, Letter of the Week words and pictures, name recognition (show just the first letter, "L" for....), sight words, etc. 

Sang (chanted?) to the tune of "Tiny Tim the Turtle," patting knees in rhythm:

I pull the words out slowly, emphasizing each syllable separately and pausing between. Progressively, I shorten the pause between syllables until preschoolers guess the word. Then, I flip it over to show the picture ("Was s/he right? RAB-BIT, Rabbit! It's a ...!") and we clap out the syllables together.

My song chart is half of a piece of poster board, laminated, with the words printed and glued on the bottom. I printed the pocket on cardstock and laminated it separately. The pocket is attached with clear packing tape, top end left open. I made the words size 2"x8" and printed them double-sided.

Find the template here (you will need Boardmaker to open this file).


  1. I love this!! Any chance you could upload a template not in boardmaker (I don't have it). Thanks!

    1. Per request (thanks for taking a minute to comment :) ) PDF available here:

  2. This is great! Thanks so much for sharing! I thought of another version that you could use if you wanted it to be more generic (not focusing as much on sound/reading/syllable segmentation): "There's something in my pocket that I want you to see. There's something in my pocket. Oh, what could it be...