As the new school year gets rolling, I have been rolling out the social narratives.

The classrooms that I serve specialize in supporting preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders. Social narratives - not to be confused, as they too frequently are, with the trademarked Social Stories - are effective, evidence-based behavioral supports for teaching appropriate social responses and skills to individuals with ASD. You can read about social narratives and how to write them on the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (NPDC on ASD)'s website here.

This year's preschool titles include, "I Play and Talk with My Friends," "I Go To School," and "I Play with Kids Outside." Each is individualized to meet the needs of a specific student and catered to his or her language/literacy level. I know they don't sound like bestsellers, but seriously, they work.

I typically create mine using Boardmaker (Side note: best investment I've made so far. I also added a coworker's Picture This... and it's seriously life-changing), and supplement them with actual photos of peers or the child's environment.

If you want more information, the Kansas Instructional Support Network (KISN) is a great resource that maintains a bank of downloadable social narratives and other quality classroom support materials for students with autism spectrum disorders. :)


  1. I found this post very useful! SLP in Texas

  2. I have been struggling with how to target social skills with some of my preschoolers. Looking forward to using these social narratives. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you got some ideas - I mean mine to merely be examples; make sure you modify and create your own, individualized narratives for your clients :) Hope the resources help you to do so!

  3. I cannot read this, the bright (albeit beautiful) colours in the background make it really hard to read the text. Is there a way to keep your posts w/out the backdrop of your blog or make your text bold and very dark?