ABCs and Behavior

Due to the nature of our population, my team spends a fair amount of time problem-solving and modifying challenging behaviors. Lately, we've been working on conducting some functional behavior analyses to gather more information regarding the factors that motivate and maintain some of our current, complex behaviors.

I use this data form (adapted from Writing Behavioral Intervention Plans (p. 55-62), by Laura Riffel, 2005.) to collect details regarding the ABCs of a behavior: antecedent, behavior, and consequence.

To determine severity and schedule systems of positive reinforcement, we are currently using this chart to document behavior frequency and create DRO (differential reinforcement of other behaviors; I highly recommend the online training module on Differential Reinforcement here for more detailed information) schedules, when appropriate. The schedule that I am currently using this for employs five-minute time increments, but I adjust the form to work at other frequencies.

I change each of these documents to create a version that suits the needs of a specific client or behavior. I also edit them to be used in tracking ABC data across other environments such as home or daycare.

How do you measure and analyze challenging behavior?

Other resources that I find helpful can be found here and on the Project STAY site here.

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