We've been practicing our trick-or-treating and filling up treat bags with /k/ and /g/ sounds in the form of candy corn and gumdrops.

I made these gumdrop and candy corn cards to hide in the hallway or on our playground (weather permitting) and my preschoolers love hunting for them and collecting the "candy" in their treat bags or buckets. Students practice the sounds in all positions at word or phrase level as they find the cards and review again as they count their loot. Best work = a real gummy bear :) My crowd is easily pleased.


I also made these "treat bags" to use as a game. In this version of the activity, students practice turn-taking by drawing cards. If they say the targeted sound correctly, they get to keep the card on their "bag." The object is to get a lot of candy. Sometimes in preschool it's best if everybody wins.


  1. Thanks so much for the freebie. The kids will love it.

  2. Thank you for this activity! I have so many /k/ and /g/ friends this year in Kindergarten. They will "eat this up"!! Thanks again for your generosity!

  3. You're welcome! Happy to hear ya'll are having fun with it!